Your food products

Our teams develop solutions for the automation of your operations, from depalletisation to palletisation, including conveying and case loading, and ensure the installation of machines that are specific to each product.

Pastry, bakery and pancake products

Packing, case loading, pick and place. 


Orientation upstream of the bundling machine, stacking, accumulator tables, rack loading and unloading, production of assortments.

Fruits and vegetables

Stacking and unstacking, calibration, conveying, case loading. Solutions for your banana packing lines.


Sea products

Supply to special deheading, filleting, trimming and slicing machines. We also supply packing solutions (thermoforming machine). Depalletisation and palletisation.

Flour and ingredients

Bag handling.


Conveying, handling and palletisation. 

Frozen food

Conveying, packaging, case loading and palletisation machines. 


Packaging, case loading and palletisation machines. 

Dairy products

Packaging and case loading machines as well as more specific machines such as cheese scrapers. Palletisation.